Hi, I'm Lorelle your personal Online Business Manager.

If you are anything like me, you are a busy Mum who probably started their business with loads of hope, drive and motivation (ahh ignorance is bliss).
You had all of these expectations which you truly believed would just happen because, frankly you knew no better.
You went in hard, had loads of ideas, your social media game was on point, but what happened next you did not plan for.
As the novelty and excitement wained, you started running out of time and content for your socials and your business did not start turning a huge profit or even make that many sales.
You realised that all this hard work and effort was pointless.
You started feeling like you can't possibly keep up with it all, if it takes this much to get a few sales how can you possibly sustain that PLUS be a mum and all the other things you want to be.
It's not humanly possible, so you start to lose hope, you become flat, your business ticks along, but it's no longer your fave thing to do, you are not quite willing to give up on it, but you feel hopeless.

Gurl... I am YOU! I literally just described my own business journey! It 100% happens to the best of us, and there is a solution.

Your business was born from a love of your product. You know deep down that it IS a good idea, you just need some support to help you focus back on the things you LOVE about it, and delegate the crap out of everything else.
But how do you do this without cloning another you. Because if you're anything like me, you like things done your way, you like to keep control and you need to know everything that is going on.
It's your rocket 🚀 and you are the captain, but let's say you brought in a co pilot? Someone who you can trust, a silent partner, a magical unicorn that turns your business around (i'm joking unicorns aren't real but a I reckon i'm pretty close).
Someone who knows you're business and cares about it as much as you do, who believes in you and wants you to be successful.

I am a busy business Mum, and I get the struggle to juggle!

Enter me 🦄 (the magical unicorn).. Your personal Online Business Manager.
I am a mum, an online retail business owner, and an online business manager. I have walked the path that you're on and I get it!
I have been supporting small business for 7 Years now and I want to help support YOU.
When it comes to marketing I know how hard and time consuming it can be to create consistent campaigns that reach your target audience.
Design newsletters that are eye catching and add value to your business by producing content ideas week in week out.
It is down right exhausting especially when you are trying to do, literally, everything else #mumlife!
But this stuff, the newsletters, the marketing, the planning - this is my JAM!

You know how some people can learn from reading and some from hearing, well i'm one of those 'learn through doing' kinda gals. So everything I do for you is tried and tested.
I truly understand what it takes to start a small business and the effort and commitment required for it to be successful.
Outsourcing tasks is a no brainer (now) and a game changer, but it took me a while to come to that realisation. I had to push outside of my comfort zone and it was at a time when I was fully prepared to start investing in my business, and I don't just mean financially.
When I use the term 'investing' for me it reaches far beyond financial, and I know, it is pretty hard to think past the $$ but once you can, you actually realise that our success is not only measured in dollars.
For me, it was about FREEDOM. Freedom to spend actual time with my kids. Time where I was fully present and not stressing about something in my biz. It was the freedom to switch off at 3pm when the kids get home and not need to worry about anything getting completed or messages, or emails, I could actually switch off!

That was WAY more important than the financial bonus. Which by the way, also came! Once I started to put energy back into my business doing the things that I truly enjoyed (it shows by the way, when you do something through utter joy as apposed to 'having to do it). I invested and it paid off.
Within 3 weeks of changing things up and gaining some support my sales quadrupled, actually I don't think I'd had a sale for over 4 months and then I did about 1k in 2 weeks, it was nuts! I couldn't believe the difference!!

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